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Lunch Menu
Lunch Menu
Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu
Lunch Menu
Lunch Menu from 11:30am - 2:30pm
From the Sushi Bar
Served with Miso Soup
Sushi Deluxe $13.50
7 Assorted Sushi and 1 California Roll
Chirashi Sushi $14.95
Assorted Fresh Fish and Pickles on a Bed of Vinegar Rice
Sashimi Deluxe $14.95
12 Pieces Assorted Sashimi
Sushi Sashimi Combo $19.50
4 Sushi, 8 Sashimi, and a Tuna Roll
From the Kitchen
Served with Miso Soup and White Rice
Chicken Teriyaki $7.25
Tofu Teriyaki $7.25
Vegetable Tempura $8.25
Ton Katsu $8.25
Breaded Pork Cutlet
Chicken Katsu $8.25
Breaded Chicken Cutlet
Beef Teriyaki $9.50
Salmon Teriyaki $9.50
Assorted Tempura $9.95
Shrimp and Vegetables
Shrimp Tempura $9.95
Shrimp Teriyaki $9.95
Sukiyaki $12.95
Yam Noodles with Dark Rich Broth
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